Authoritative Magazine on Fine Cigars

UPC/BIPAD:  0 74470 23059 5 
Title:  CIGAR SNOB Magazine
Frequency:  Bi-Monthly
Cover Price:  $ 4.95 US

124 Pages   Paper: 100 lb. Cover; 40 lb Interior   Full Color Matte/Coated   Perfect Bound   Size: 25 x 30 cm   Weight: 357 gm

CIGAR SNOB Magazine appeals to a large, however discerning audience of men and women, who enjoy a fine smoke, and “make time to burn” ~ readers picky about their cigars. CIGAR SNOB Magazine is one of the recognized authorities on fine cigars. In each bi-monthly issue, feature articles focus on enjoyment, entertainment, enlightenment and smoking pleasure of its readers, always photo spreads of “smokin’ hot,” beautiful women, and where & what to smoke, dine & drink. Columns include What’s Burnin’~ Perfect Pairings ~ Brand Breakdowns ~ Cigar Ratings. With over 7 years of editorial excellence, CIGAR SNOB is the guide for the passion, quality & tradition of fine cigars!

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