For Women Gun Owners

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Title: Women & Guns
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Cover Price: $ 3.95 US

60+ Pages Paper: Cover 80 lb; Interior 60 lb Full Color Gloss Saddle Stitched Size: 8.5" X 11"

In its 16 years, WOMEN & GUNS magazine has not so much been a witness to recent history as an observant participant, recording and reflecting this part of American life that fascinates some, repels others and, most importantly, defines American women gun owners. With the disturbing incidents across the world involving violence and abuse, WOMEN & GUNS Magazine addresses this concern for ALL women. Many women are purchasing guns and are taking steps to learn how to use them effectively. WOMEN & GUNS focuses on women who have considered safety, moral and legal issues surrounding firearms ownership and use, and educates and informs its readers with articles concerning types and style of guns, self-defense, training procedures for the novice, as well as local, State and Federal gun laws. A timely title, with increasing appeal.

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