American Indian:  Past & Present

UPC/BIPAD: 0 74470 83070 2
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Cover Price: $ 4.50 US

American Indian:  Past & Present

UPD/BIPAD:  0 74470 83069 6
Title:  Whispering Wind's CRAFTS
Frequency:  Annual
Cover Price:  $ 8.00 US & Canada

For Women Gun Owners

UPC/BIPAD: 0 74470 87112 5
Title: Women & Guns
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Cover Price: $ 3.95 US

Women's Total Health & Wellness

Bipad:  0 74470 22006 0
Title: WOMEN Magazine
Frequency:  Quarterly
Cover Price: $ 6.95 US

Far-Out Adventures in Far Away Places

UPC/BIPAD:0 74470 95313 5
Title:World Explorer Magazine
Cover Price:$ 8.95 US & Canada

Global Documentary & Photography 

Bipad:  7 25274 29658 3
Title: ZEKE Magazine
Frequency:  Bi-Annual (2X)
Cover Price: $ 9.95 US

Graphic SciFi / Adventure Comic Book for Teen Readers 

Bipad:  0 74470 68388 9 
Title: ZERO JUMPER (SciFi/Adventure
Frequency:  Bi-Monthly (6X)
Cover Price: $ 1.50 US

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