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VIE ® Magazine Featured

Sophisticated Human Interest Stories with Heart & Soul

UPC/BIPAD: 7 25274 25910 6
Title: VIE® Magazine
Frequency:  Monthly
Cover Price: $ 7.99 US

132 Pages  Paper: Cover=100 lb Gloss; Int=60 lb. Full Color/Gloss  Perfect Bound  Size: 23 x 27.5 mm    Weight: 397 gm

VIE is a French word meaning "life" or "way of living." VIE ® Magazine sets itself apart as a select, sophisticated, quality publication focusing on human interest stories with heart and soul.The award-winning magazine  VIE ® Magazine includes national & international stories on Fashion, Culture, Travel, Philanthropy, Food and more. VIE ® Magazine boasts a smart, successful readership with refined tastes who are socially connected and tech-savvy ... educated professionals with established careers who possess the free time and income to pursue travel, home improvements, decorating projects, and leisure activities. VIE's creative team of writers & photographers craft each issue with dedication and synergy, in a think tank culture with an out-of-the-box approach, successfully bringing a quality magazine to a refined marketplace well outside its geographic boundaries.

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