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Israel & the US ~ "An Alliance Made to Prosper"

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Title: ALIYAH MEDIA™ Magazine
Frequency:  Ten Times (10X)
Cover Price: $ 5.95 US / $ 6.95 Canada

88 Pages    Paper: Cover = 100 lb.; Interior = 60 lb.    Full Color/Gloss     Perfect Bound      Size:  8.5" x 11"

ALIYAH MEDIA™ Magazine ~ "An Alliance Made to Prosper" ~ connects the dots between Israel and the US, bringing people, businesses, and communities together. ALIYAH MEDIA's engaging content promotes a mindset shift of Israel from a political and religious focus to its modern-day diverse and positive lifestyle. ALIYAH MEDIA is focused on travel, business, technology, fashion, finance, health, events, breaking news, entertainment, food, culture; committed to reporting accurate, up-to-date news from Israel, showing its relevance, inspiration and innovative influences. ALIYAH MEDIA celebrates Israel's direct ties to US businesses and people. A unique title at a crucial point in world affairs.

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