Three 3 X 3 Illustration Annual

Mid-Atlantic Region Bridal Magazine Mid-Atlantic Region Bridal Magazine

Annual of Contemporary Illustration

ISBN: 9780982634639
Title: 3x3 Illustration Annual
Frequency:  Annual
Cover Price: $ 10.00 US & Canada

508 Pages  Paper: Cover=100 lb Coated; Int=60 lb. Full Color/Satin  Perfect Bound  Size: 16.5 x 23.5 mm  Weight: 995 gm

V3 X 3 Illustration Annual and 3 X 3 Magazine are recognized for their content & design, balancing the use of photography and illustration to create visual imagery that Zings. 3X3's printed publications - annuals and curated directory - help accomplish this goal. 3X3's Mission: To preserve, protect and promote illustration's importance, its viability, and the uniqueness of using illustration in advertising, publishing, corporate, institutional, books and animation. There's never been a better time than now to think Illustration. 3X3's Directory and Annual inspire such an exploration.

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