Far-Out Adventures in Far Away Places

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Title:World Explorer Magazine
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84 Pages     Paper: 100 lb. Cover; 80 lb Interior     Full Color Gloss      Perfect Bound     Size: 21.5 x 28 cm     Weight: 240 gm

WORLD EXPLORER Magazine, the "forum for exploring the paradigms of our age," focuses on the exploration, discovery, understanding & preservation of the mysteries of man and nature. An exciting offbeat New Age magazine where theories come to life in Indiana Jones fashion, WORLD EXPLORER is the authority on all aspects of alternative
science: historical and archeological mysteries, ancient secret writings, science and technology, lost cities & archeology, strange living creatures, UFO phenomena & crypto zoology. WORLD EXPLORER's feature articles and “Crypto Corner” present 'News From the Frontiers of Natural Science' with subjects ranging from speculation on Noah’s Ark & finding water on Mars, to urban-legend-type searches for the Malaysian version of Bigfoot. Whether or not you believe in such things doesn’t really matter ...WORLD EXPLORER is a very well-written and attractive magazine and, even if skeptical about its anomalies of myths and legends, it is a great read!

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