Top-tier International Affairs Magazine

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Title:  GLOBAL BRIEF Magazine
Frequency:  Quarterly
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68 Pages  Paper:  100 lb. Matte Coated Cover; 80 lb Interior   Perfect Bound; Full Color   Size: 21.5 x 28 cm   Weight: 227 gm

A top-tier International Affairs Magazine, GLOBAL BRIEF is a cutting-edge, critically acclaimed world news journal published quarterly. Each issue presents a wide original array of first-class in-theatre reports, essays, briefings, analyses & interviews with top global thinkers on key questions dealing with world affairs – international politics, business, culture, movements and trends. It has no moral mandate. It is not sensationalist or fatalistic. GLOBAL BRIEF analyzes and explains the world in all its bald complexities to anticipate different ‘strategic futures,’ and to reflect with policy relevance & nuance ways to address these complexities. GLOBAL BRIEF's target audience: current & future global leaders, key decision-makers around the world in politics and government, business, academia, journalism, and international communities. GLOBAL BRIEF is not limited to the English-speaking world.

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