The Art and Politics of the Cinema

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84 Pages - Paper: Cover=60 lb; Interior=40 lb. - Full Color/Gloss Cover - Saddle Stitched - Size: 21 x 28 cm - Weight: 226 gm

Founded in 1967, CINEASTE is a quarterly magazine offering a Social, Political and Esthetic Perspective on the Cinema, presenting all areas including Hollywood films (old and new), American independents, quality European films, and the cinema of the Third World.  An intelligent audience of readers, sophisticated about both art and politics, will find the ideas and arguments within CINEASTE advanced and imminently readability.  In-depth articles discuss films, film genres, actors' careers, artistic theory, & cinematic interpretations, detailing in particular socio-political and artistic content.  CINEASTE's reviews are focused on the social issues manifested in each film and how they reflect the current political/social/aesthetic climate. Interviews with directors, performers, writers, composers, producers involved in the creativity & business of filmmaking are hard-hitting & challenging - all controversial points pursued.  A leading title in its category, CINEASTE is well-produced and highly recognized.

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