TOM TOM Magazine

Magazine for Female Drummers 

Bipad:  7 25274 26929 7
Title: TOM TOM Magazine
Frequency:  Quarterly (4X)
Cover Price: $ 10.00 US

76 Pages    Paper: Cover = Card Stock; Interior = 60 lb.    Full Color/Satin     Perfect Bound      Size: 18 x 25.5 cm     Weight:  289 gm

TOM TOM Magazine serves a unique purpose by catering exclusively to female drummers and providing them with important information and resources. TOM TOM conducts interviews & photoshoots and provides links to the individual drummers' projects. TOM TOM also hosts festivals featuring female drummers on a regular basis. TOMM TOM Magazine is the portal for information about females that drum, raising awareness about girl and women percussionists from all over the world, inspiring females of all ages to drum. TOM TOM's goal is to strengthen & build the community of otherwise fragmented female musicians & to create a network of musicians around the world.

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