For Men Who Give A Damn 

Bipad:  6 51950 70195 2 

Frequency:  Quarterly (4X)
Cover Price: $ 9.95 US

84 Pages + Covers    Paper: Cover =  100 lb.; Interior = 40 lb.     Full Color/Satin     Perfect Bound       Size:  21.6 x 28 cm    Weight:  221 gm

STAND Magazine is for men who want to look good, feel great, and do the right thing. It's for men who give a damn about being better men. STAND Magazine takes a stand for a balanced and whole-hearted masculinity that embraces the expression of emotion as strength, promotes a healthy body, mind & spirit, appreciates style & good humour, and seeks to shape a world of peace for all. Intelligent editorial presents topics ranging from Masculinity & Fatherhood, Style, Love & Marriage, Health & Fitness, Money & Career, Men Mad, Culture, Fiction & Poetry & Humour. STAND Magazine supports and encourages men through permission and acceptance that you are man enough as you are, through offering tools and practices to become better men, by encouraging men to seek out and develop healthy friends and partners in their lives, and by living your purpose and passion in service to others.

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