FORE 4 FRONT Magazine

Rap / Hip-Hop / Pop Culture 

Bipad:  0 74470 075934 3

Frequency:  Bi-Annual (2X)
Cover Price: $ 4.99 US

52 Pages    Paper: Cover =  100 lb.; Interior = 40 lb.     Full Color/Gloss   Saddle Stitched    Size:  28 x 21.5 cm    Weight:  193 gm

4 FRONT Magazine covers the ever-evolving world of Hip-Hop music, Gangster Rap, Popular Culture, and Politics - every aspect of the unique & vibrant culture straight from the streets that spawn the increasingly creative music & fashion. 4 FRONT Magazine is a pop culture entertainment title, a complete brand in Hip-Hop and Rap. With dynamic coverage of Hip-Hop's top Rap Artists, 4 FRONT Magazine is committed to its growing & diverse audience, documenting the total lifestyle surrounding Hip-Hop that branches into every niche of popular culture worldwide.

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