OH SO Magazine

Celebrating the Female Skateboarding Community

UPC/BIPAD: 68406
Title: OH SO Magazine
Frequency: Quarterly (4X)
Cover Price:$ 16.00 US

92 Pages    Paper: Cover 100 lb; Interior 60 lb    Full Color/Matte    Perfect Bound    Size:  21 x 27.5 cm   Weight: 312 gm

Premiering on the newsstand in June 2019, OH-SO is a brand new magazine that celebrates the global Female Skateboarding Scene, a burgeoning culture that is about being inclusive, creating a Community, and less about competition. OH-SO focuses on all things EQUAL, bringing the many conversations happening in and around women's skateboarding. By highlighting the talented individuals who contribute & collaborate, OH-SO gives an insight into what it takes to be a female skateboarder in today's world. OH-SO Magazine showcases the talent, strength, camaraderie, and perseverance required to bridge the gap between global cultures. At the same time, OH-SO Magazine documents the journey through key contributors, premier articles, innovative photography, powerful interviews & conversation ~ all the key aspects of growing the Community of Female Skaters. OH-SO Magazine shows "why women are the real renegades of Skateboarding" & encourages female skaters to carve out the unique styles & approaches which girls bring to the scent. "Say Hello!" & join the conversation!

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