Vegan Lifestyle / Pregnancy / Parenting Magazine

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Title: RAISE VEGAN Magazine
Frequency: Quarterly
Cover Price:$ 6.99 US

60 Pages    Paper: Cover 100 lb; Interior 40 lb    Full Color/Coated    Saddle-Stitched    Size:  21.5 x 28 cm"   Weight:  221 gm

RAISE VEGAN ~ The world's leading Vegan Parenting Magazine! Inspired by the growing interest for raising children on a plant-based diet, RAISE VEGAN was created to provide relevant, accurate & timely information for parents, changing misconceptions about Vegan Children, Pregnancy & Parenting. With an expert team of writers & contributors ~ vegan journalists & doctors, nutritionists, beauty professionals & lifestyle personalities ~ RAISE VEGAN provides readers with what they want to know, reporting on current events, medical advances, interviews with vegan celebrities, new recipes to try, and childhood development. Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting is a fast-growing community of thousands of families around the world. RAISE VEGAN is the first magazine dedicated solely to vegan parents looking for ethical, plant-based lifestyles, reaching families every month with dedicated support for "saving the planet, one kid at a time."

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