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Christian Inspirational Title

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Frequency:  10 Times
Cover Price: $ 3.95 US & Canada

48 Pages    Paper: Self Cover & Interior = 40 lb.    Full Color/Gloss     Saddle Stitched      Size: 8.5 x 11"

The primary purpose of AMERICAN CHRISTIAN VOICE is to bring to today's Christian Believers inspirational articles of Christian faith and courage, promote the cultivation of a Christian world view, and to encourage Christians across the world to support one another. AMERICAN CHRISTIAN VOICE is dedicated to building Christ's Kingdom, as unity can only represent God in Diversity. The magazine reports the good as well as the bad within the Christian Church Family as testament to the belief of the necessity of a Saviour. AMERICAN CHARISTIAN VOICE observations are made from a fairly moderate to conservative viewpoint, and encourages readers to eschew religion and to pursue a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, thus allowing an open mindedness to differing opinions on non-essential matters. AMERICAN CHRISTIAN VOICE strives not to be the fire alarm, but the fire extinguisher!