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The Living History of Independent Cinema 

Bipad:  0 74470 70673 1 

Frequency:  Bi-Annual (2X)
Cover Price: $ 13.50 US / $ 14.50 Canada

100 Pages    Paper: Cover =  80 lb.; Interior = 60 lb.     Perfect Bound       Size:  8" x 10"

Since its inception in the 1970's, the MILLENNIUM FILM JOURNAL has documented the multiple transformations of the cinematic in the hands of artists, giving a voice to a community that tended toward marginality. MILLENNIUM FILM JOURNAL's single commitment is to the moving image as an art form, not a product. MILLENNIUM FILM JOURNAL brings together the voices of artists & critics alike, continuing to maintain the idealistic -if aggressively naive - position that artworks & products are separate & distinct species, even if some works are both. Whether residing in the materiality of the filmstrip or the ephemerality of the data-cloud, MILLENNIUM FILM JOURNAL, documents, analyzes, historicizes, tracks & describes artists' use of the moving image, wherever they appear, whatever form they adopt, whatever time-frame they wish to explore, from the earliest days of the pre-cinematic into the possibly non-objective future. MILLENNIUM FILM JOURNAL - a bi-annual journal of the Moving Image ...