Saturday, 16 February 2019 19:56


Entertainment Title ... Dark Artistic Media 

Bipad:  6 02648 29689 2 

Frequency:  Quarterly (4X)
Cover Price: $ 7.99 US / $ 9.99 Canada

100 Pages    Paper: Cover =     lb.; Interior = 40 lb.     Perfect Bound       Size:    8.375" x 10.875"

MASS MEDIA MAGAZINE is a unique source of visual entertainment supporting independent & professional models, photographers, musicians, filmmakers & more. Content is professional quality with strict high-standard guidelines for artistic visual entertainment. MASS MEDIA MAGAZINE encompasses all forms of media from Art to Film, Models & Photography to Music, Sports to the Tattoo Culture. MASS MEDIA MAGAZINE is not about opinions; it is about art as a whole. Whether as a feature, an interview, or a review ... MASS MEDIA MAGAZINE covers any genre, any subject, and any style - with no open-shop nudity or racially or politically motivated content.