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Aint-Bad Magazine

Mid-Atlantic Region Bridal Magazine Mid-Atlantic Region Bridal Magazine

Quality Journal of New Photographic Art

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Title: Aint-Bad
Frequency:  Annual
Cover Price: $ 25.00 US & Canada

240 Pages  Paper: Cover=100 lb Card Stock; Int=80 lb. Full Color/Matte  Perfect Bound  Size: 8.5" x 10.75"

AINT-BAD Magazine is an independent publisher of new photographic art dedicated to publishing contemporary photography & text to support a progressive community of artists from around the world. Each issue of AINT-BAD is an intimate project with hand-selected artists, presenting thought-provoking imagery & addressing specific cultural themes or observations open for interpretive energy. AINT-BAD's objective is to stimulate the collection of and appreciation for photography, supporting local initiatives & working together with artists, curators, and institutions to help foster a creative community.