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Journal of Inspiring Art & Design

UPC/BIPAD: 7 25274 22357 2
Frequency: Quarterly
Cover Price: $ 9.00 US / $ 10.00 Canada

88 Pages   Paper: Cover= 100 lb; Interior= 80 lb.  Full Color/Matte/Coated   Perfect Bound    Size: 8" x 11.75"

Welcome to CREATIVE QUARTERLY ... different from any other title in its genre; a journal of the Best in Art & Design which brings a mutual exchange of ideas between artists and designers in today's marketplace, offering inspiration to those in the next generation. CREATIVE QUARTERLY asks important artists, photographers and designers the question: Where does the inspiration for your work come from? By sharing their answers within its pages, CREATIVE QUARTERLY introduces new objects, artists, designers and photogrraphers with different points of inspiration, providing valuable & interesting visual ideas, from advertising and architecture to fashion, sculpture & jewelry. CREATIVE QUARTERLY showcases the work of emerging artists and designers as well as practicing professionals, bringing together the growing creative community like no one else.

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