Saturday, 16 February 2019 20:01


Adult Hard Humor Graffiti Periodical 

Bipad:  To Come
Title: KILL PRETTY Magazine
Frequency:  Bi-Annual (2X)
Cover Price: $ 10.00 US & Canada

140 Pages    Paper: Cover = 100 lb.; Interior = 40 lb.    Full Color/Gloss     Perfect Bound      Size: 9.8" x 11" 

KILL PRETTY is a bi-annual Adult Hard Humor Graffiti magazine DESCRIBED BY THE PUBLISHER as an "unsuitable periodical" for adults only. [QUOTE] "Wow, 140 pages of insane smut in your hands ... you have incredibly bad taste ... I would liken it to the loose change found by the cleaning crew at a .. bath house in the wee morning hours ... on ebig coke binge ... Digesting and dissecting thousands of hours of pornography ... There's no reason for any of this."