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SHE'S Single Magazine

The Most Interesting Single Women are Right Here!

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Title: SHE'S SINGLE Magazine
Frequency: Quarterly (4 Times)
Cover Price:$ 6.99 US / $ 7.99 Canada

A new age is upon us and She's SINGLE Magazine gives women the platform, love, recognition, and guidance needed to maneuver in a society where women get the most pressure from the world. Make no mistake however ... we can handle it! Stories told by women, for women. She's SINGLE Magazine takes the powerful combination of intimacy and education to the next level with a clear, modern point of view and bold visuals. She's SINGLE Magazine's goal is to not only speak about uplifting ALL WOMEN but to actually do it! Through interview dialogues, THERAPYtalks articles, and stories, She's SINGLE delves into other lives of the most deserving, yet undermined women today, creating a legacy thorough eye-catching photo spreads, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and, most importantly, the stories of women benefitting in an ever-evolving 21st Century. She's SINGLE vows to remain authentic to its commitment to cover social justice, black health & wellness, along with the issues essential to Black communities.