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The New American's COLLECTOR'S Editions Featured

The New American's COLLECTOR'S Editions

Current Issue: THE GREAT RESET & Transhumanism 

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Title: The New American's COLLECTOR'S EDITION
Frequency: Bi-Annual - 2X
Cover Price:$ 14.99 US & Canada

100 Pages    Paper: Cover 80 lb Soft Touch AQ Gloss; Interior: 70lb Gloss    Perfect Bound    Size: 8.125" X 10.75

The New America's COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS are special issues of THE NEW AMERICAN Magazine. Published 2 times each year, each issue focuses on timely the world's economy, politics, & society. "Achieving and maintaining a middle-class standard of living has become more difficult, as prices jump while wages fall in real terms. Fundamental freedoms are no longer considered inviolate, as illustrated by Covid lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and attacks on the First Amendment. The nation's social fabric is being torn to such an extent that everyday Americans are becoming increasingly worried of speaking out for fear of being cancelled. Offered as the solution for the nation's -- and the world's -- woes is 'The Great Reset.' Yet as this Special Collector's Edition of THE NEW AMERICAN Magazine shows, far from making America great again, the 'Great Reset' would usher in a dystopian transhumanist future in the name of saving the world. Despite these trends, there is realistic hope for restoring the American dream to ever brighter luster -- but it begins with rejecting the Great Reset."