The Mountain Bike Journal

UPD/BIPAD:  7 25274 24761 5
Frequency:  Bi-Monthly
Cover Price:  $ 9.95 US

108 Pages  Paper: Cover 100 lb; Interior 80 lb  Full Color/Satin  Perfect Bound  Size: 21.5 x 27.5 cm  Weight: 337 gm

MOUNTAIN FLYER Magazine showcases the riders, racers, events, and culture of Mountain Cycling. Covering cross-country, downhill, cyclo-cross, road racing, and adventure riding.  “We’ll Take You There” ...  MOUNTAIN FLYER delivers the excitement through action-packed articles and stunning photography of events & participants in the Mountain Regional Cycling Scene. MOUNTAIN FLYER is a top resource for cyclists, providing in-depth data on advances in cutting-edge gear/equipment, and the businesses and manufacturers who provide it. MOUNTAIN FLYER brings this Mountain Adventure Sport to life!

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