Science, Conspiracy, Skeptical Inquiry Science, Conspiracy, Skeptical Inquiry

Examining Extraordinary Claims/Promoting Science

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Title: Skeptic Magazine
Frequency: Quarterly
Cover Price: $ 7.95

84 Pages  Paper: Cover=100 lb; Int=Brite B/W 60 lb.  Full Color/Gloss Cover  Perfect Bound  Size: 22x28 cm  Weight: 190 gm

SKEPTIC Magazine “examines extraordinary claims, explores revolutionary ideas, and promotes good science.” SKEPTIC is a leading international publication in the realm of skeptical inquiry. Each issue delves into a specific theme, while also looking at a wide variety of social, scientific, and paranormal controversies. Since 1992, SKEPTIC has explored topics such as pseudo-medicine, evolutionary ethics, conspiracy theories, science & society. The magazine includes articles, debates, book reviews, and essays from leading experts in their fields. Their discussions are lively and thought-provoking, and readers can join in the debate in the extensive “Forum” feature. Included in SKEPTIC is the popular youth magazine, JUNIOR SKEPTIC. Produced quarterly ...“the best journal in the field.”

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