Poetry for the 21st Century Poetry for the 21st Century

Poetry for the 21st Century

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Title: RATTLE Magazine
Frequency: Quarterly
Cover Price: $ 6.95 US

114 Pages   Paper:  Cover: Cardstock; Interior: 60 lb Int   Full Color Cvr; Brite White Int   Perfect Bound  Size: 15 x 23 cm   Weight: 182 gm

RATTLE Magazine is simple and straightforward - its mission is to support the love of accessible, memorable poetry. This quality literary title presents poetry that everyone can enjoy. With 200+ pages of poetry, essays on a theme, and interviews with contemporary poets, RATTLE Magazine is known for promoting a community of active poets. Every poem is a submission, starting in a"slush pile," and must rise through a process of careful consideration. If a poem from an unknown poet is deemed better than the Poet Laureate's, RATTLE publishes the unknown. That's what makes RATTLE so readable. Being an active community of poets also means that feedback is encouraged; readers remark on what they think, and RATTLE implements those ideas in subsequent issues. A poem can make you laugh or cry, and can 'rattle' around in your mind for years - that is RATTLE's kind of poetry. The 21st Century home for enjoyable, unforgettable poetry RATTLE Magazine is an important title for literary, academic & contemporary poetry categories.

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