A Magazine for Poetry, Fiction & Memoir

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Title: SALAMANDER Magazine
Frequency:  Monthly (12X)
Cover Price: $ 11.00 US

254 Pages    Paper: Cover = 100 lb.; Interior = 60 lb.    Full Color/Gloss     Perfect Bound     Size:  14 x 21.5 mm    Weight: 337 gm

SALAMANDER Magazine is a quality literary title presenting poetry, fiction, memoir, and works in translation. Founded in 1992, SALAMANDER is publishing a generation of writers reaching artistic maturity and deserving of a wider audience, as well as new works by established writers. Affiliated with Suffolk University in Boston, SALAMANDER sponsors events and readings in the Boston area and in New York. Its annual fiction contest, which began in 2010, is a notable and celebrated literary venue. SALAMANDER Magazine is an important title for literary, academic & contemporary poetry categories.

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