The Journal of SPORT and Culture

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Title: VICTORY Journal
Frequency:  Bi-Annual (2X)
Cover Price: $ 16.00 US

118 Pages    Paper: Cover = 80 lb.; Interior = 40 lb.    Full Color/Brite White     Saddle-Stitched     Size:  28 x 42 mm     Weight:  542 gm

The beautiful bi-annual magazine VICTORY Journal is "the new refuge of the true sportsman" unmoved by statistic analysis and provincial opinions. VICTORY Journal is concerned with the eternal glories and ignominies of players and pursuits the world over. From sumo wrestling to nautical jousting, 80's icons to Olympic hopefuls, VICTORY Journal unearths the sublime joys of the sporting life through reportage and oral history, photography and illustration. Drawing on a group of quality contributors, VICTORY Journal provides a forum for work that is unapologetically enthusiastic and uncompromisingly personal. It speaks to an audience that can distinguish the enduring from the fleeting and is ruled, above all, by an irrepressible curiosity and love for the deep spectrum of emotions and aesthetics one finds in sports.

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