Writers & Artists Who Love Animals

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Title: HONEYGUIDE Magazine
Frequency: Bi-Annual (2X)
Cover Price:$ 14.99 US

86 Pages    Paper: Cover-Cardstock; Interior 60 lb.  Full Color/Matte   Perfect Bound   Size: 20 25.5 mm   Weight: 264 gm

HONEYGUIDE Magazine, a beautifully produced bi-annual Literary Magazine, features fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, & conversational articles about animals and their human neighbors. Its editorial presents the perspective of animals that are ass present & authoritative as human characters, and the reciprocal bond between humans and animals that bewilders, challenges & changes humans. Through discoveries that reveal how close in space & time the animal and human kingdoms are, HONEYGUIDE's mission is to comprehend misgivings, griefs, confusion, discoveries, and hopes, examining these experiences as part of the broader Human/Animal story. An excellent newsstand package!

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