MARVIN Magazine

A Punk Rock Messianic Vision

UPC/BIPAD: 0 74470 16302 2
Title: MARVIN Magazine
Frequency: Quarterly (4X)
Cover Price:$ 25.00 US

104 Pages    Paper: 100 lb.     Full-Color Cover/Satin    Unbound/Enclosed Heavy Ziplock  Oversized: 317.5 x 419 mm  Weight: 1230 gm

MARVIN Magazine is a premium print magazine in an oversized format with high-quality production values, published quarterly ... "A Punk Rock Messianic Vision" of compelling content around music and youth culture. Always on the pulse of what's relevant in culture, fashion, and art, MARVIN is focused on artists' talent--musicians, producers, designers, and influencers--who are shifting culture and driving change. MARVIN has access to a diverse & inclusive network of cutting-edge talent and extends its reach to the vast and dedicated followers & readers of today's avant-garde youth culture.

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