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Art & Culture

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Title:  Art New England
Frequency:  Bi-Monthly
Cover Price:  $ 6.95 US / $ 8.95 Canada

100 Pages (Including Covers)   Paper: Cover = 100 lb. Interior = 60 lb.     Full Color/Matte     Perfect Bound     Size: 9" x 11"

ART NEW ENGLAND has been the premier Contemporary Arts publication for over a quarter-century, engaging its readers with critical insight into the exhibitions, artists, trends, and controversies affecting the New England art scene today. Dedicated to providing coverage of regional artists working in both local and international settings, ART NEW ENGLAND  continues to enhance the ongoing discourse between those connected by their love of art and culture.  The magazine’s mission is to examine the issues, institutions, and changing views that motivate the art world today, with a presentation and regional focus that does not exist in any other publication.  ART NEW ENGLAND’s insightful, comprehensive editorial & stunning photography highlight museum and gallery exhibitions as well as individual artists.  In each bi-monthly issue, ART NEW ENGLAND truly provides readers with in-depth and varied coverage of the Arts throughout New England and the World.