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Casual Board, Card, Dice & Party Games

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Frequency:  Quarterly (4X)
Cover Price: $ 6.99 US / $ 7.99 Canada

58 Pages    Paper: Cover = 60 lb.; Interior = 40 lb.    Full Color/Gloss     Saddle Stitched      Size:  8.5" x 11"

Board Games are making a comeback! CASUAL GAME INSIDER is a quarterly magazine bringing news, reviews, & interesting articles about casual board, card, dice & party games to its readers. CASUAL GAME INSIDER is passionate about casual board & card games which are played in under an hour, set up and taught in under 10 minutes, and require some light strategic thought. CASUAL GAME INSIDER is highly valued by the large community of "casual gamers" who love & share the same interests. The magazine brings opportunities for readers to discover great games & experience the joy & face-to-face interaction that comes through board gaming. Playing these casual games is a fantastic social experience which is fun, educational, engaging & challenging. CASUAL GAME INSIDER expands the horizons of board gaming, bringing it into the spotlight for everyone to see & get excited about!