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Journal of Overland Exploration & Global Expedition 

Bipad:  7 25274 26452 0
Frequency:  Quarterly + Annual Guide (5X)
Cover Price: $ 12.00 US & Canada 

140 Pages    Paper: Cover = 100 lb.; Interior = 60 lb.    Full Color/Satin & Gloss     Perfect Bound      Size: 9" x 10.75"

OVERLAND JOURNAL: The highest quality publication for Worldwide Vehicle-Supported Expedition and Exploration. Designed for environmentally responsible readers who are passionate about expedition travel and want in-depth information rather than sound bites, OVERLAND JOURNAL presents editorial with in-depth coverage of equipment and vehicles, and full-length feature trip stories that span the globe. OVERLAND JOURNAL is content-rich. Feature articles offer a level of detail designed to produce competent & self-confident backcountry travelers. With strict standards for writing, photography, and striking layout, OVERLAND JOURNAL is an expedition & adventure travel magazine that is at once inspiring, informative, and attractive. Devoted as much to the journey as to the vehicle and the equipment, OVERLAND JOURNAL is a magazine that inspires readers to explore their own world.